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Emma Bailey in Ojai, California
Emma Bailey — Community and Youth Advocate at Oceanseed Project

Emma’s genuine nature, strong social-justice values and scientific acumen are the tenants inspire her being every day. Ideally suited, Emma is instrumental in Oceanseed Project’s program development and delivery, youth mentorship and community outreach.

Passionate about creating our best world through living in action, Emma draws upon her university background in environmental sciences, her extensive  work with nonprofits, sustainable agriculture and related communities.

Raised in the verdant valley of Ojai, California with the Sespe Wilderness as her backyard, Emma graduated from the renowned Oak Grove School, which was founded in 1975 by the esteemed philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986). In his book The Wholeness of Life, Jiddu Krishnamurti writes;

When one sees something extraordinarily alive and beautiful, a mountain, a clear sky, a view, at that moment when seeing it totally one is absent, is one not? Because of the immensity of the mountain, its extraordinary stability, its sense of firmness and the line of it, its magnificence drives away the me – for the moment. The outer glory has driven away the petty little me – like a boy given a toy, he is absorbed by it, he will play with it for an hour and break it up and when you take the toy away he is back to himself, naughty, crying and mischievous. The same thing has happened; the great mountain has driven away the petty little me, and one sees it for the moment. When the me is absent, totally, there is beauty. Then one’s relationship to nature changes completely; the earth becomes precious, every tree, every leaf, everything is part of that beauty… (1)

Emma BaileyMission driven, Emma has worked with array of impactful nonprofits including The Ojai Valley Youth Foundation, The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEE AG), the Girls Empowerment Workshop and the Film Society. At SEE AG, an organization that educates children about the farm sources of their food, while also connecting them to the farmland in their own backyard, Emma was instrumental the development and launch of programs that now benefit children throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

Concurrent with her role at Oceanseed Project Emma continues her studies in plant science at the University of California Santa Cruz, where she has also worked in agroecology, related to soil research and organic alternatives to the use of methyl bromide fumigants for small and large-scale strawberry growing operations in California.

Journalism and botany are two additional pleasure Emma enjoys.

Connect with Emma at

1. The Wholeness of Life, Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986), Part II, Chapter 14, 4th Public Talk Brockwood Park, 4th September 1977 `That emptiness is the summation of all energy’

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